Operator Brush Guard

This is a frame that helps prevent brush and branches from hitting the driver constantly. It also has a built in handle that assists getting in and out of the tractor easier. If you are getting older and feeling less flexible you will love this feature. And last it comes with mirrors for both sides. This allows you to mount the mirrors up high and in front of the driver. They actually give you a decent view of what is going on behind. No other mirror mount comes close to a good view like this. Most people mout the mirrors down low and they can't see much. The mirrors have two bolts that allow you to position the mirrors at any angle and they break or fold away if you hit something reducing the chance of breaking the mirrors. This system only fits on John Deere one series or JD 2025 tractors. It also requires you to drill a hole on each side to secure the frame. (see the photo) The top hole is already on the tractor.

Includes 2 steel poles, the cross bar with flourescent green plastic, 2 mirrors and all neccessary hardware.

part# OpBrushGuardJD-1 $269.99 plus $49.99 shipping