Tall Mirror Mount

This is a 32" pole (1" steel square tube). It has a rubber handle grip at the top to assist getting in and out of the tractor. It also comes with a mirror. This places the mirror in the optimal place to get a decent view behind. You can order two and put on on each side of your tractor. This requires drilling a hole to mount the lower part of the pole. The other hole is already in the tractor. This only fits on the John Deere one series or JD 2025 tractors. You could adapt it to fit other tractors if you want. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If you want to get the large tool box and or chainsaw mount for the right side, don't order two of these mirror mounts. The tool box includes the right side pole and mirror. Instead order this one for the left side and order the tool box for the right side.

part# TallMirroJD-1 $89.99 plus $22.99 shipping